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Welcome to Ann Macy & Associates, a business to business, sales and marketing agency for gift, spa, accessory, beauty, and wellness products. 


We have represented wholesale vendors to the retail trade, here in Northern California and Northern Nevada for decades.  We carry very few vendors, so that we can stay informed about their products and properly present vendor to retailers.  We have 4 sales representatives to cover our area.  After 25 years in the Showrooms at 888 Brannan in San Francisco, we discovered that trade shows were quickly becoming less effective for vendors and buyers alike.


 Now 8 years later, we find our sales are better and we reach customers more thoroughtly, as fewer attend trade shows.  Vendors appreciate the absent Show Fees and huge sample expense that a showroom calls for.  We reduced our number of vendors and now carry under 5 brands.   Please feel welcome to reach out to me for any more information, and for help with any orders.


Ann Macy


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