For Retailers: Intro and how we can partner for optimum sales!!!

Manufacturers or Vendors engage with us when they are no longer able to grow their sales with shows-only or trying to offer you support themselves.  They find that having us be partners with you, you receive new product info, specials and promotions, inventory updates, and faster order delivery.  We create display contests, do staff trainings, know our products' ingredients and features to help you.


After 25 years at the Giftcenter San Francisco Showrooms @ 888 Brannan, we decided to focus completely on calling on stores and using our branded reputation as trusted professionals differently.


While most of you are now in your own stores and travel less to trade shows, we turned our attention to meeting with you in your stores only.  We carry very few vendors, so that we are the best we can be for you and for our vendors.


We also update our public website and our private group Facebook site (where we show catalogs and wholesale pricing) constantly.  You can see inventory updates, new items, specials easily.


We offer regular Constant Contact email update for each of our vendors monthly.  


Most of all, we honor your businesses and want the very best for you.  


Please call our founder Ann Macy on her cell anytime and we offer you 4 professional territory managers also.   Your rep info is on our website


May we all thrive with ease and support.


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