Ann Macy & Associates Sales & Marketing Agency Vendor Intro

When a manufacturer or importer has grown to the point of needing in-person customer service, in-person sales, in-person branding, they turn to our Sales and Marketing Agency.  We open the bottleneck created with show-only or telemarketing only and grow existing accounts & build new accounts from our 30+ years' customer base and industry knowledge.   Retailers know & trust us, as we are a recognized brand in this industry.   Manufacturers are then freed from operations in sales and marketing and can turn their attention to where they are urgently needed: product & packaging design, shipping, catalog design and production and, of course, new product development!  A company's growth can then measurably increase.


California is the world's 6th largest economy and has many buying regions within the territory.  It is a fallacy that one agency can cover and build the entire state.  Our territory of Northern Nevada and Northern California is typically a 'step child' to agencies claiming the West Coast!  Many vendors seek more having found the MacRepGroup model of granting 'kingdoms' such as the West Coast or the entire state and not grown as they could.  Shows are not the panecea of benefits that they were, and much more business is available with 'contact' service minded sales agencies tied to regional sales models.

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