Herbal Concepts

Warm or Cold wraps for relaxation, healing, arthritis, spasms, injuries.  Produced on the West Coast USA.   Available in varied price points and packaging:


1. New collection, Kozi Blue, come in hang tagged boxes at promotional prices.  Available in 4 skus.


2. Original Kozi are fuller, more constructed.  Minky Fabrics in colors, Frosted zipper packaging.


3. Organic Cotton (White) is available in White Zipper Pouch or Bags with Handles.  Check availability.


4.  Kozi Box (Yellow/Burgundy) Comes in Minky colors.  

Boxed Warmable/Chillable Flax Filled Heart retails for $15.99.  Awesome for boo boo's and spot relaxation.

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