A proven best seller with a following.  Premium ingredients and formulations. Made in and Ships from California.


Botanical Fragrances

Hothouse Peonie, Plains of Thistle, Noble Carnation, English Rose, Dogwood Blossom

Conservatories Hand Cremes 3.3oz Retails $24.  Moisturizing micronized safflower oil, a new favorite ingredient, leaves skin feeling moisturzed and dry.

Hand Wash & Lotion Glass Vessels 10oz Retails for $24 and $26

Conservatories Eau de Parfume come in 2 sizes 3.4oz (Wood and Linen Box) & .33oz Purse Size. Retails $54 & $18.

Conservatories' Luminaries Candles 14.60oz Retails $21+. Soy based formula, cotton wick & 60-65 hour burn.  Ceramic images on tops.

Royal Apothic Classics

Lemoncello, Holland Park, Cutting Garden, City of Angels, Terra Firma

Hand Cremes in 2 sizes: 4oz & 1.25 Purse Size. Retails $11 & $5

Eau de Parfumes boxed, come in 2 sizes: 1.45oz & .50 Purse Size. Retails $19 & $8.


Travel size lip butters. Hint of color blended with Argan, Grape Seed, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter.  Retail $14

Heros & Aristocrats

Fine Gentleman's Grooming.  Serious Skin Care.


Effective and natural formulas. Wake Up! Post Shave Toning Tonic, Pre Shave Exfoliating Cleanser, D.Bag De-Puffing Eye Gel, Clean Rinse Body Wash, Maltese Orange Face Cleanser, Anti Aging AM/PM Moisturizer, Botanical Shave Oil, Whiskey Balm Chapped Lip Remedy, No-Nonsense Daily Moisture Lotion, Post Shave Moisture Balm.  The Scent #1 Cologne (2oz), The Scent #1 Man-dle Luminarie Candle (8oz), The Scent Ultra-Shave Gel.    Prices are lower going forward on some items.

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